PB 530 Hydraulic Breaker Rounds Out Light-Duty Series

Wed August 16, 2006 - National Edition

With a service weight of 1,210 lb. (548.8 kg), the PB 530 Penta Series hydraulic breaker from Atlas Copco Construction Tools Inc. is designed for use with skid steers, backhoes and mini-excavators in the 9 to 15 metric ton weight class.

Featuring a high power-to-weight ratio and quiet operation, the PB 530 is ideal for road construction, landscaping, light demolition and trenching applications.

The PB 530 can fit a broad range of small carriers while offering the hitting force of larger breakers.

The breaker delivers an impact rate of up to 1,100 blows per minute and accepts a maximum hydraulic flow of 26.4 gallons per minute at 2,175 psi of pressure.

The PB 530 comes with the standard VibroSilenced damping system that controls the breaker’s sound and vibration during operation. Elastic elements between the percussion mechanism and box enclosure provide acoustic insulation.

A long-stroke piston design reduces noise and minimizes recoil back to the carrier, lessening the strain on the operator and the machine.

Easily accessible connections and servicing points on the PB 530 reduce maintenance time.

A streamlined design eliminates the need for a high-pressure accumulator and tension rods.

The unit’s one-piece, field replaceable slip-fit bushing, which is pinned in place by the working steel, allows the operator to replace both the steel and bushing by simply removing the pin, as opposed to dismantling the entire breaker.

With this design, maintenance can occur in the field.

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