PCA Chief Economist to Share Impact of Oil Prices on U.S. Construction

Short term gains could come at the cost of long term headaches according to one industry expert.

Fri January 30, 2015 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

The falling cost of oil will not just impact consumers at the pump, but will lead to an impact on construction in the United States this year. Portland Cement Association (PCA) Chief Economist and Group Vice-president Edward J. Sullivan believes that short-term gains could be made in the housing market, but could have a negative effect if the downward trend continues.

The Chicago Federal Reserve-honored economist will speak about the wide-ranging impact of oil at the PCA press conference, Feb. 3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. Sullivan’s remarks also will include his recent economic forecast and the impact on the cement industry. The convening also will introduce new President and CEO Jim Toscas. Toscas will outline his priorities and vision for the association in the coming years.

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