PCD Milling Tools, Wirtgen's Range of Point-Attack a Perfect Combination

Wed September 04, 2019 - Midwest Edition #18

Wirtgen’s PCD cutters have a tip made of artificial diamond material and produce an exceedingly uniform milled surface.
Wirtgen’s PCD cutters have a tip made of artificial diamond material and produce an exceedingly uniform milled surface.
Wirtgen’s PCD cutters have a tip made of artificial diamond material and produce an exceedingly uniform milled surface.
Depending on the application, PCD cutters from Wirtgen provide a significantly longer service life, enhanced machine productivity, increased machine availability, constant milling pattern and improved working conditions due to minimized maintenance efforts.

Cutting technology is one of the essential core competencies in the development and production of cold milling machines, given that the optimum interplay of milling drum, toolholder and point-attack cutting tool is crucial for a perfect milling result.

Ideal Addition to the Existing Pick Range

PCD milling tools are particularly suitable for surface layer rehabilitation due to their up-to-date tool geometry and materials. An exceptionally long service life can be achieved due to the highly wear-resistant tool tip made of polycrystalline diamond. The very slight lengthwise wear ensures optimum evenness over the milled surface and consistently high machine feed.

Depending on the application, PCD milling tools are a useful addition to the existing pick range featuring conventional carbide tips.

PCD Tip: Improved Durability

PCD (polycrystalline diamond) is a highly sophisticated, synthetically manufactured, strong mass of carbon and carbide. The PCD tip consists of differing layers: A concentrate of diamond particles in the upper layer, the interlayers and a tungsten carbide substrate. Basically, a PCD tip is a crystalline diamond coated carbide tip. Interlayers are the unique Wirtgen solution to dampen the impact stresses between the tungsten carbide substrate and the highly wear resistant polycrystalline diamond contact surface. The interlayers subsequently enhance the durability and reliability of the PCD contact surface. This special tip design allows use in a wider range of applications.

PCD With FCS Light: Increased flexibility

Wirtgen FCS light (flexible cutter system) allows for the rapid, easy exchange of same-width milling drums in less than two hours typically. Thus, one machine can be used for a broad range of applications with minimal downtime when exchanging drums.

Wirtgen FCS light flexibility is uniquely suited for PCD tool technology since conventional carbide tools may be more economical for some applications while PCD tools may be more economical for others. Wirtgen FCS light provides opportunity for contractors to have the best of both worlds in one machine, according to the manufacturer.

HT22 and PCD: Perfect Combination

Time spent on toolholder maintenance and replacement are crucial factors in any application. The HT22 toolholder in combination with PCD milling tools gives advantage over all other available toolholder systems by reducing this maintenance time. The maintenance requirements of the HT22 (e. g. tightening of bolts) is in line with the life time of the PCD tool upper section (carbide PCD combination).

For more information, visit www.wirtgen.com.

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