Pettibone’s 10032 Extendo Specializes in Pipe Handling

Wed November 08, 2006 - National Edition

By adding a 60-in. (152 cm) wide baler attachment to its 10,000-lb. (4,536 kg) capacity telescopic rough terrain forklift, Pettibone has created its first telehandler designed specifically for pipe handling applications.

Pipe yards and drilling companies can take advantage of the maneuverability and telescopic reach of the Extendo Series while handling pipe up to 20-in. (51 cm) diameter.

Other applications include utilities, precast plants, pole yards and other applications requiring 10,000 lb. capacity with stable lifting and carrying.

Maximum lift height of the machine is 32 ft. 6 in. (9.9 m). Telescopic action of the three-section boom reaches to 19 ft. 9 in. (6 m) at 24-in. (61 cm) load center, allowing operators to pick and place loads over barriers and obstacles.

The 10032 will take 8,000 lbs. (3,629 kg) up to the maximum lift height and 3,000 lbs. (1,361 kg) to maximum forward reach.

The baler attachment uses a 60-in. (152 cm) wide carriage for secure handling of 4- to 20-in. (10 to 51 cm) outside diameter pipe.

Hydraulically actuated hold downs on the baler arms stabilize the pipe on 48-in. (122 cm) long forks.

Cab features include a single joystick to operate all boom and baler functions, increased visibility, adjustable right-side arm rest and a full set of gauges for instant machine status.

The new 10032 incorporates many of the rough terrain features common to all Extendo models, including four-wheel drive with planetary axles, steering choices (four-wheel, two-wheel, crab) and clutchless powershift transmission with four forward speeds and reverse.

A Cummins 110 hp Tier II turbo diesel with electronic protection provides 20 mph (32.2 kmph) travel speed.

Frame leveling is standard along with rear axle stabilization.

A GPS management system provides security through machine tracking while recording hours, utilization rates and maintenance history.

Options include an enclosed cab with air conditioning, foam filled tires and light packages.

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