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Phaze Explores New Materials

Tue September 03, 2019 - West Edition #18
EIN Presswire

When most people think of a commercially structured building, they think of steel and concrete. That makes sense, considering there are plenty of buildings that are created from these materials. Steel and concrete are strong, durable, safe, tried and true. However, even though these materials are most common, they are not the only option.

Phaze Concrete explored three unusual, but effective commercial construction materials. While they might be unconventional, they are legitimate, safe, and durable alternatives, according to the company.


HempCretes are building blocks that are created for construction, which can be used commercially, as well as individually. This is a renewable and strong material source that can be quickly mass-produced. Plus, the strong blocks made by mixing lime and the hemp plant also are exceedingly light, which helps the building process.


Bamboo cannot replace steel or concrete, but it is an effective replacement for wood. Not only does bamboo give the structure a unique look, but it is also a much more sustainable option. Bamboo is considered an invasive species but it grows back quickly. Therefore, it can be harvested without inflicting the same damage to the environment as cutting down trees for construction, according to the company. It has the same effect and can even be treated to have the same look as wood.

Hay Bales

Hay bales are an excellent source of natural insulation, according to Phaze Concrete. Hay bales used to be the premier choice for insulating homes and buildings, but modernization took over. However, with builders becoming green and energy-efficient, there is a push to return to the old ways.

Hay is easy to move, store and create, making it a convenient option. Plus, it does away with the man-made insulation that is created with tiny shards of glass, so it is safer. The only downside to using hay bales for insulation commercially is that it works better in smaller spaces. However, with startups and small businesses becoming a driving force, smaller workspaces are not uncommon.

Phaze Concrete understands that not all commercial buildings can use these unusual construction materials. Ultimately, it depends on the regulations of the building area. Yet, these options are still unique and can be used for commercial structures.

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