Philly Home to New Ingersoll-Rand Utility Product Dealership

Wed December 17, 2003 - Northeast Edition

Ingersoll-Rand has expanded its dealership network with the addition of Ingersoll-Rand Equipment & Services (IRES) in Philadelphia, PA, as a new utility product dealer providing more Ingersoll-Rand solutions to customers in the area.

“By increasing the breadth of the products we offer, we will have the opportunity to satisfy more customers and their needs,” said John McCann, vice president and branch manager of IRES Philadelphia. “The utility line of products complement the existing IRES rental fleet. Independent rental dealers, smaller contractors and owner-operators represent the largest market for the Ingersoll-Rand utility products in the Philadelphia market.

“For the most part, the utility products we offer are main-line production equipment for the smaller owner operators. For these customers, performance improvements and exceptional customer support translate to higher profits. We feel we are well-positioned to help these customers grow.”

Ingersoll-Rand Philadelphia will add the Ingersoll-Rand backhoe loader and concrete equipment to the full line of Ingersoll-Rand products they already offer in their territory representation.

“The Ingersoll-Rand utility products are high quality,” said McCann. “We enjoy high market share with our existing Ingersoll-Rand products. The new utility line will expose the Ingersoll-Rand franchise to a new group of customers who have excellent growth potential. With the addition of these products, our ability to bundle products and offer complete customer solutions is greatly improved — a one stop shop.”

“We are excited to announce this addition, and we welcome Ingersoll-Rand Philadelphia to the utility dealership family,” said Jarrett Cowden, director of business development of Ingersoll-Rand. “This business is all about relationships, and to have a partner focused on your business success is always advantageous. Small- to mid-sized contractors in many instances have a unique set of needs that is sometimes much different from larger contractors.

“With this in mind, we feel that by having our Ingersoll-Rand utility distributors focused on this customer group with a sales, service, rentals and other services such as financing supported by Ingersoll-Rand Financial Services, we can better support all contractors in today’s market,” said Cowden.

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