Power of Foam Cleans Snow, Ice Removal Equipment

Tue December 22, 2020 - National Edition #26
CEG/Dakota Ag Innovations

A truck returns after completing its mission of plowing and deicing roads.
The crew sets to work using Dakota Ag Innovations’ Power of Foam cleaning system to rid the vehicle of corrosive road salt and other deicing applications.
After foaming, the vehicle is clean and ready for its next mission.

Maintaining expensive snow removal equipment and keeping it free of corrosives is a labor-intensive and time-consuming endeavor. For more than 15 years, Dakota AG Innovations' Power of Foam has been used by the South Dakota Office of Fleet and Travel Management and is now being used to keep DOT snow removal equipment clean and free of deicing chemicals that cause corrosion, including road salt and brine. Power of Foam can be used year-round to cut grease, grime and cleaning time.

Power of Foam is a line of cleaning and degreasing products that soften heavy buildup on equipment, machinery and vehicles. The products are safe, easy to use, and environmentally friendly, according to Dakota AG Innovations.

A wall-mounted foaming unit and a 70-ft. hose — capable of reaching all areas of the piece of equipment — combine to spray a foam cleaning solution of Dakota AG Innovations' Dakota Wash HD. Allow the foam to work its way into all areas of the vehicle or equipment and let sit for one to two minutes for light buildup. The foam does the work, breaking down dirt, grime and neutralizing deicing chemicals, leaving behind a clean, shiny surface.

Dakota Wash HD

Available in concentrate, Dakota Wash HD is formulated to soften buildup on all surfaces, including engine compartments. According to the company, it is user-friendly and will not harm the coating, surface, electrical connections or hydraulic hoses when used as directed. It is not recommended for high-polish aluminum surfaces, as it can dull the polished appearance. According to Dakota AG Innovations, Dakota Wash HD along with the Power of Foam foaming system will save time and effort cleaning and maintaining your fleet.

For more information, visit Poweroffoam.com. CEG

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