Powerscreen Launches Electric-Diesel Dual Power Mobile Screens

Wed May 06, 2009 - National Edition

Powerscreen dual power screens give their users a choice between diesel and electric power. The additional electric/hydraulic drive system can be connected into an external electricity supply and the choice of an alternative energy source provides an option to avoid fuel price increases and addresses environmental requirements mandated by legislation.

The Powerscreen dual power system provides flexibility to address a number of challenges and opportunities, such as in areas where electricity is cheaper than diesel fuel; and in parts of the United States where only electricity is permitted onsites. There is now a choice of genuine mobile dual power screens with quick and easy setup.

Once positioned onsite and connected to an external electricity source, the unit can be switched to operate on electricity, meaning it will have zero emissions. The track screen retains all the benefits of a mobile machine.

The Powerscreen dual power mobile screens can operate on diesel fuel oil or on an electricity source; reducing diesel fuel oil consumption, operating costs and depending on set up, may reduce machine downtime due to reduced refueling and engine servicing.

Dual Power is ideal for sites with:

• Any quarry, mining, sand-pit, coal, washing and aggregate processing application where a Powerscreen screen is used

• Only electricity is permitted

• Electricity is freely available or generated onsite

• Complete crushing spreads run using a stationary genset

• Electricity is preferred over diesel fuel

• Electricity is cheaper than diesel fuel

• Diesel fumes are not permitted, e.g. underground

• Environmental, legislative and/or noise constraints are present

• In the event of an electricity shortage, the Powerscreen dual power screen can continue to run on diesel fuel oil, or vice versa

For more information, visit www.terexpegson.com or www.powerscreen.com.