PT-50 Spreads the Weight With 24 Wheels in Undercarriage

Tue May 13, 2008 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

ASV’s PT-50 mid-sized rubber track loader replaces ASV’s former RC-50 model, which was introduced in 2002 as a machine that dramatically improves traction, digging, earthmoving and cycle times over traditional skid steer loaders.

As with the former RC-50, the 50-hp (37.3 kW) PT-50 uses ASV’s undercarriage technology with suspension that maximizes traction and flotation while giving operators a comfortable ride.

The PT-50 uses 24 wheels in its undercarriage to spread the machine’s weight over the entire length and width of its tracks. As a result, the machine’s 6,200-lb. (2,812 kg) operating weight is distributed down to only 3.5 psi (24.1 kPa) of ground pressure. That’s less ground pressure than a person on foot. With such low ground pressure, the PT-50 can work productively in soft or wet ground conditions.

Extremely low ground pressure makes the PT-50 ideal for work on environmentally sensitive surfaces such as landscaping, golf courses and wherever fragile underground systems need to be protected.

The PT-50 uses a front-mounted quick-attach interface.

With the PT-50, ASV also introduces some new track options.

The machine’s standard track is a 15-in.-wide (38 cm) general-purpose track with moderate treads for optimum operation and traction in the widest range of ground conditions. A special smooth Turf Track also is available, like on the former RC-50 Turf Edition machine. The Turf Track offers low-impact performance when on the most sensitive or fragile surfaces.

For use in very wet or snowy conditions, when extra traction is needed, the new Extreme Terrain Track is now available. This new track is 16.5 pin. wide (42 cm), so it offers even more flotation than the standard track. In addition it offers extra deep, self-cleaning treads for added traction over the worst ground conditions.

The PT-50 is even more durable than the former RC-50. A new heavy-gauge steel hood now protects the engine compartment. Undercarriage enhancements include new steel rear idler wheels that readily shed dirt and foreign materials while providing longer service life. In addition, idler wheel bearings now use premium metal face seals.

Other refinements to the PT-50 over the former RC-50 include greater upward visibility from the operator station, standard poly roof panel, a new dash with more gauges, a new door with a better handle and tighter sealing, plus a completely new paint and decal package that includes ASV’s bold new logo.

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