Public Facilities Authority Announces $122M for Water Projects in Minnesota

Tue September 29, 2020 - Midwest Edition #20
Minnesota Public Facilities Authority

The Minnesota Public Facilities Authority (PFA) announced $122 million in loans and grants in the first half of 2020 for water and infrastructure projects in 24 communities throughout Minnesota. The PFA administers and oversees the financial management of three revolving loan funds and other programs that help local units of government construct facilities for clean water, drinking water and transportation infrastructure projects.

The round of PFA funding awards announced includes $63 million from the Clean Water Revolving Fund; $47 million from the Drinking Water Revolving Fund; $4.4 million from the Water Infrastructure Funding program; $4.2 million from the Point Source Implementation Grant (PSIG) program; $1.8 million from the Transportation Revolving Loan Fund; and $2.1 million from legislative appropriations. Additional funding was provided by the USDA Office of Rural Development, the DEED Small Cities Development Program and local sources. Total funding from all sources for these projects was $133 million.

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