R 944 C Excavator Concept Offers Multiple App Options

Wed February 15, 2012 - National Edition

The R 944 C Litronic is a versatile crawler excavator in the 40 to 50 ton (36 to 45 t) weight category.

The R 944 C crawler excavator features enhanced digging and breakout forces due to the combination of large stick and boom cylinders and optimized attachment geometry. Depending on options, this machine weighs between 40 to 41 tons (36 to 37 t).

The R 944 C multi user is equipped with a 33 ft. 10 in. (10.3 m) gooseneck boom and a 27 ft. 11 in. (8.5 m) stick. The maximum reach at ground level is 63 ft. 8 in. (19.4 m), making this machine ideal for work on embankments, drainage ponds and ditches, reservoirs, etc. The machine carries the largest bucket size in its class and has a digging force of 18,659 lb. (83 kN).

The R 944 C with semi-gooseneck boom allows a working reach of 39 ft. 4 in. (12 m) — suitable for demolition applications of up to three stories. The working equipment includes a 22 ft. 4 in. (6.8 m) semi-gooseneck boom and 10 ft. 10 in. (3.3 m) stick. The R 944 C includes the LC undercarriage, three piece chain guides, 30 in. (80 cm) pads and heavy counterweight.

With an operating weight of 57 to 59 tons (52 to 53.5 t) the wheeled A 954 C HD Litronic is designed for heavy duty material handling applications. The machine is built around a heavy-duty undercarriage and axles capable of supporting 70 tons (63.5 t). Equipped with four outriggers, the large footprint allows the machine to easily handle reaches of 64 ft. 2 in. (19.6 m) and dump heights of 72 ft. 1 in. (22 m).

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