RC308 Compactor Increases Efficiency

Thu April 10, 2014 - National Edition

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment’s RC 308 hydraulic rig-mounted compactor is engineered with features to increase job site efficiency. The RC line of hydraulic compactors is practical for a variety of applications, including slope compaction, trench compaction, road repair and waste compaction.

Armed with CP’s AutoLube system, the RC 308 eliminates the need for manual greasing which increases job site productivity. With a service weight of 705 lb. (320 kg), a length of 27.28 in. (69 cm), and a width of 18.70 in. (47.5 cm), the RC 308 is an extremely maneuverable compactor. The unit boasts a vibrating frequency of 2,100 n/min and a vibrating force of 5,071 lbf, making the RC 308 as powerful as it is versatile, according to the manufacturer.

Other features of the RC 308 include: the use of solid rubber isolators to provide shock dampening of return vibrations, an oil bath around the shaft bearing to ensure continuous greasing, and integrated noise-dampening technology.

The RC 308 is designed for carriers in the 6,600 to 17,600 lb. (2,994 to 7,983 kg) range. CP offers a full line of hydraulic compactors designed for carrier weight classes ranging from 2,200 to 88,200 lb. (998 to 40,000 kg).