RDO Equipment Co. to Host EGCA’s Member Meeting

Sat August 30, 2008 - West Edition

RDO Equipment Co. will host EGCA’s member meeting on Sept. 10. The event is located on 13625 Danielson Street in Poway, Calif., and will feature Gary Gallegos, executive director of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG).

Gallegos is a nationally recognized expert in the areas of transportation, land use, regional public policy making, and binational planning and diplomacy. He leads a staff of nearly 200 professionals who collaborate to develop public policy initiatives for elected officials on numerous issues encompassing population growth, transportation, environmental management, economic development, municipal finance, binational coordination and public safety.

Under his direction, the agency has crafted an innovative $42 billion Regional Transportation Plan, “Mobility 2030,” to address the region’s transportation needs.

Gallegos also served as the catalyst for SANDAG to create and implement, through its member governments, the first-ever Regional Comprehensive Plan — the strategic planning blueprint — which balances population, housing and employment growth with habitat preservation, agriculture, open space, and infrastructure needs.

In 2004, Gallegos led the charge to gain a 67 percent voter approval to extend the local half-cent transportation sales tax program known as TransNet. Administered by SANDAG, TransNet will generate $14 billion to help fund highway, transit, and local road improvements. These projects will be under discussion at the meeting.

For more information, call 619/692-0760.