Reclaiming Thousands of Miles of Ballast Around the World

Wed August 05, 2009 - National Edition

The flip screen scoops the ballast contaminated by fines.
The flip screen scoops the ballast contaminated by fines.

The Flip Screen portable screener is helping railways around the world.

The Flip Screens scoop shoulder ballast contaminated by fines restricting free-flowing drainage. The excavator, wheel loader or skid steer’s standard auxiliary hydraulics are then activated to rotate the flip screen. This continuous rotating sieves or screens out the fines — this involves no shaking and no vibrating. The new ballast is then dumped and spread back to ensure the ballast and formation can once again enable free-flowing drainage.

Flip screens are now exported to 14 countries. Applications vary greatly and include steel recycling, pipelines, mining, quarrying, roads, construction, demolition, etc. Railways benefit most by recycling onsite and therefore avoiding the costly introduction of new ballast, according to the manufacturer.

Flip Screen has found that different railways require different ballast sizes. The flip screen is an ideal solution for this too as screen mesh sizes are changed within 5 minutes, without tools. Any size required is available.

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