Redesigned Starjet Doubles Stripes Removal Coverage Area

Fri February 27, 2009 - National Edition

NLB Corp. has introduced a redesigned Starjet pavement marking removal system with dual heads that provide twice as much surface coverage as other systems.

It also includes in-cab video to help the driver focus on the road, an integrated vacuum recovery system and other new features.

Starjet systems are widely used by highway and runway contractors to remove stripes, membranes, runway rubber and more from concrete and asphalt.

Using NLB’s rotating water jet assembly to maximize the force of ultra-high pressure water (up to 40,000 psi), they remove markings faster and more thoroughly than abrasive methods without damage to the pavement. The dual-head system has two rotating water jet assemblies for even greater productivity.

Each self-contained Starjet system includes a truck with a UHP (ultra-high pressure) water jet pump unit, water tank, rotating nozzle assembly and cabin-mounted controls. The water jets rotate as the truck drives along the road, removing markings at rates of up to 13,000 linear ft. (3,960 m) per hour. Vacuum recovery is available to simplify clean-up and disposal. NLB can custom-engineer systems to meet specific customer requirements.