RIDOT Plans Iway Milestones for 2008

Fri May 23, 2008 - Northeast Edition

As the Iway project progresses, the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) is planning several important milestones with subsequent changes to traffic patterns that will occur this year. These milestones and changes include:

• The new ramp from I-195 eastbound to India Street (known as Ramp EI) will open in May/June. This will serve only traffic from I-95 northbound to I-195 eastbound headed to Gano Street and India Street. The temporary Gano Street off-ramp will close.

• The Friendship Street on-ramp to I-195 eastbound will close in June/July for demolition. Motorists will be detoured south on the Service Road to Point Street eastbound to Hoppin Street northbound to a new temporary on-ramp to I-195 eastbound. This temporary onramp will be in service for approximately 6 months, and will serve the west side of Providence, part of the hospital area, and part of the Jewelry District.

• The Pine Street Bridge will close for demolition in June/July. Traffic will be detoured to Broad Street.

• The existing ramp from I-95 northbound to I-195 eastbound (Exit 20 — the old highway) will close over the course of the summer. This will detour traffic using Exits 1 and 2 to Thurbers Avenue (Exit 18), Broadway (Exit 21), or India Street (Exit 2) on I-195 eastbound depending on the destination.

• The on-ramp to I-95 southbound from the southbound Service Road at Broad Street will be closed at the end of the year while concurrently the new Ramp SE will open. Traffic will be detoured to a variety of routes. Options will include Broadway to Route 10 southbound and/or Eddy Street to Aliens Avenue to Blackstone Street to a temporary on-ramp to I-95 southbound. This on-ramp will serve parts of the downtown area, the Jewelry District, the East Side, and the hospital area.

• The new ramp from I-95 southbound to I-195 eastbound (called Ramp SE) will open at the end of this year. This will take all traffic from I-95 southbound to I-195 eastbound and place it on the new section of highway. The existing ramp (Exit 20) and eastbound I-195 will close. Traffic needing to access I-195 eastbound exits to Dyer Street (Exit 1) and Wickenden Street (Exit 2) will be detoured to I-95 exits to downtown (Exit 22), Atwells Avenue (Exit 21), and I-195/Iway India Street (Exit 2).