Ritchie Bros. To Provide Corporate Asset Management Services to Shell Global

Fri February 17, 2017 - National Edition

Ritchie Bros. has signed an enterprise framework agreement with Shell, for redeployment or sale of industrial assets and equipment. Ritchie Bros. will be leveraging its integrated suite of asset management tools to implement a cloud-based solution for Shell—allowing for easy redeployment of assets within the Shell organisation or sale of surplus assets to third parties.

Ritchie Bros. will provide a suite of global asset management and disposition solutions, including live unreserved public auctions with on-site and online bidding; EquipmentOne, an online auction marketplace; Mascus, a global online equipment listing service; as well as private negotiated sales through Ritchie Bros. Private Treaty. For more information, visit rbauction.com, EquipmentOne.com, mascus.com, and rbauction.com/PrivateTreaty.

"Our offerings will help various Shell business units sell when they want, how they want and where they want," says Randy Wall, President (Canada), Ritchie Bros. "We offer multiple selling channels with flexible options, hands-on local service, world-class global marketing, with over 55 years of proven results in the equipment auction business."

Mr. Wall continues, "We will deploy an enterprise cloud-based solution that will allow business units to redeploy assets within the global Shell organisation with greater ease. Our goal is to make the asset management process as quick and efficient as possible so companies can spend more time on their business."

For more information, visit rbauction.com.