RMC Introduces New Guide to Specifying Concrete Performance

Fri May 16, 2008 - National Edition

The RMC Research & Education Foundation announced the availability of the Model Performance Specification Phase II: Guide to Specifying Concrete Performance.

This report is a follow up to Model Performance Specification Phase I: Preparation of a Performance-Based Specification for Cast-in-Place Concrete that was published in 2006.

The Phase II report was developed by Kenneth C. Hover, John Bickley and R. Doug Hooton and reviewed by NRMCA’s P2P steering committee. This guide specification was written specifically for the provisions of ACI 318-08, Building Code for Structural Concrete and is intended to address properties or requirements for ready mixed concrete based on performance. It covers requirements for concrete that are not addressed in ACI 318.

“This new report provides yet another tool for ready mixed concrete producers to use in demonstrating the benefits of performance specifications over prescriptive specifications. Several studies funded by the foundation and reviewed by the P2P steering committee have repeatedly demonstrated numerous benefits and this new guide specification, in addressing specific ACI requirements, will go a long way toward ensuring their acceptance by the building community,” said Foundation Chairman George Gregory.

Added Foundation Executive Director Julie Garbini “Our partners at the NRMCA and those on the P2P steering committee will be able to use this new guide specification to advocate for widespread adoption of the use of performance specifications, which will particularly benefit the community in ensuring projects are of high quality while remaining economical to build.”

The guide specification may be downloaded from the Foundation’s Web site at www.rmc-foundation.org. Hard copies also are available upon request.

For more information, visit www.nrmca.org/P2P.