Roadbuilder Asphalt Plant Produces Low Cost Per Ton

Sat November 08, 2008 - National Edition

Roadbuilder Series asphalt plants, produced by Asphalt Drum Mixers Inc., offer precise control of mix designs at the lowest cost per ton of any parallel flow asphalt plants in the same class, according to the manufacturer.

The series comes in four production sizes: 110, 160, 250 or 350 tons (100, 145, 227 or 318 t) per hour.

The parallel flow system maximizes heat transfer through the mix by utilizing ADM’s flight design to move the moisture-laden aggregate in a rotating veiled pattern away from the burner. A fuel-efficient Hauck gap-fired StarJet burner produces the dryer flame, which is shaped to minimize asphalt cement burn-off. This results in cleaner emissions than other parallel-flow designs.

Plant controls are sophisticated in their abilities, yet simple in operation. The plants can be operated by just one plant operator and one loader operator. Additionally, all plant components are standardized to ease maintenance and lessen downtime.

Both stationary and portable Roadbuilder options are available. Portable plants can be easily installed for quick startup, allowing a contractor to begin production within a few days. The self-erecting silos require only one person and less than 15 minutes of set-up time.

The complete Roadbuilder Series includes conveyors, silo systems, baghouse or wet wash systems and asphalt cement tanks. Numerous component options — such as weigh batchers, mineral filler systems and fuel oil tanks — also are available.

In addition to the Roadbuilder, ADM offers the Milemaker Series and SPL Series. Each ADM plant can be custom designed to meet the requirements of individual sites, essentially building each client’s business based upon the components and plant size needed.

A family-owned company since 1974, Asphalt Drum Mixers Inc. offers asphalt plants, auxiliary equipment, parts and service.

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