Rogers Brothers Corp. National Sales Manager Denny Bartlett Dies at 61

Fri September 24, 2004 - National Edition

Dennis Blair Bartlett, 61, of Edinboro, PA, died Monday, Sept. 20, at St. Vincent Health Center.

Born in Buffalo, NY, Bartlett was the national sales manager of Rogers Brothers Corp. since 1988. He worked for the company for 26 years in total. He also was president of Rogers Brothers Credit Union.

Bartlett was a graduate of Cannisus Catholic High School and attended Cannisus College in Buffalo. In his free time, he enjoyed bowling and yard work.

“I never met anybody who didn’t like Denny,” said Rogers President Mark Kulyk. “He was somebody we were proud to have representing us. He had a great deal of integrity and he knew how to treat people well.

“He also was an excellent listener,” Kulyk continued. “He always remembered what you said. I think that’s what made him so well liked.”

Kulyk noted that Bartlett joined Rogers Brothers with no prior sales or equipment experience. “What he did have was good people skills. Over time, he learned the product and he knew it very, very well. What he didn’t know, he would search for. A natural teacher, he also had the ability to educate others about the product. He will be missed.”

Bartlett was preceded in death by his step-father, Frank Bevilacqun, and a granddaughter, Rayna Bartlett.

He is survived by his wife of 36 years, Susan Rich Bartlett; one son, Robert Bartlett, of Glendale, AZ; two brothers, Richard, of Ancaster, Ontario, and Robert of Buffalo; and three grandchildren.