Rogers Brothers Ultima Features Reduced Tire Weight

Tue March 11, 2008 - National Edition

Rogers Brothers Corporation’s 55-ton (50 t) capacity Ultima trailer features a 25-in. (7.6 m) deck length, a 98-in. (249 cm) gooseneck swing clearance and a 20-in. (51 cm) loaded deck height. Cambered main beams reduce the trailer’s tare weight while maintaining the strength and durability.

This trailer has a load rating of 110,000 lbs. (49,895 kg) in 13 ft. (4 m) compared to many 55-ton trailers that rate the load over the entire deck.

Rogers “No Foot” self-lifting gooseneck is a standard feature. It quickly and easily raises or lowers the front of the deck under full load without a ram foot contacting the ground. Better overhead clearance can be obtained by choosing Rogers wheel wells.

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