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SAKAI Demonstrates New Road Planer, Stabilizer

Wed April 06, 2011 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

SAKAI has added two road rehab products to its line.
SAKAI has added two road rehab products to its line.

SAKAI has added two road rehab products to its line.

The ER552F is a high-speed pneumatic tire road planer designed for cost-effective milling of asphalt materials. The main feature of this machine is its 81 in. (205 cm) wide cutter drum assembly that cuts down to 9” (230 mm) deep in one pass. This same unit also shifts laterally 18 in. (45 cm) to either side of the machine for flush cutting up tight to curbs, jersey barriers, footings and other obstacles.

The lateral shift feature also enables the cutter location to adjust side to side for quick cutting around manholes and drainage inlets without stopping the machine or employing costly “dental” planers or other equipment. Unlike other planers or profilers in this size range, this flexible cut feature enables the ER552F to work on city street projects alone, with a minimal need to invest in other accessory equipment. And the lateral shift feature enables work close up to soft shoulders — an extra safety advantage, according to the manufacturer.

The ER552F’s motorgrader-like bogey suspension system enables a high quality milled surface ready for overlay. For extremely stable operation, it employs a 62,170 lb. (28,200 kg) operating weight propelled by a powerful 561 hp (418 kW) Tier III diesel engine.

The PM550 road stabilizer provides soil stabilization and full-depth reclamation to repair failed HMA pavements quickly and cost effectively.

The PM550 is an alternative for low volume roads and low budget programs, saving up to 40 percent on cold in-place reclamation projects with shorter construction times and more profit for the contractor. It leaves a stabilized road base, ready for HMA overlay.

This machine features a high torque, two-speed (100 rpm/1.7 Hz and 130 rpm/2.2 Hz) rotor with lateral shift capabilities like the ER552F, that enable the operator to avoid street iron while working up close to obstacles with enhanced visibility of the cutting and mixing operation. Four-wheel drive keeps the entire system moving consistently and positively across the site, regardless of conditions, at a top working speed of 57 feet per minute (48 m), according to the manufacturer.

The machine is powered by a six-cylinder 496 hp (370 kW) Komatsu Tier III Diesel Engine.

An optional auto-spray emulsion system provides uniform mixing over the length and width of the job. Both models offer easy access to the cutting teeth and toothholders for servicing and tool repairs and replacement.

For more information, call 800-323-0535 or visit

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