Sakai Rolls Out Tier IV Final Compactors

Thu May 26, 2016 - National Edition

The new SW 354 vibratory roller with ROPS from Sakai America.
The new SW 354 vibratory roller with ROPS from Sakai America.

Asphalt paving of moderate-sized jobs right up to the curb is now easier than ever with Sakai America's EPA Tier IV Final update of its 300 and 502 series rollers. Sakai introduced its new tandem-drum SW354 and combination-type TW354 vibratory rollers at World of Asphalt 2016 March 22 through 24 in Nashville.

The Sakai SW354 and TW354 offer greater operational flexibility, ease of use and commonality of parts. Unlike other emissions compliance solutions, none of the new units requires diesel particulate filters (DPF) or regen for their 24 hp Kubota-Clean Diesel Solution engines.

Sakai's ECO compaction mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 35 percent while maintaining consistent compaction performance, according to the manufacturer.

Dynamic linear pressure of the 354-series' 47-in. (119 cm) wide, 27-in. (68.5 cm) diameter drums is rated at 205 lb./in. Other compaction performance factors include centrifugal force of 6,530 lb., amplitude of 0.012 in. (.03 cm), and vibratory frequency of 4,000 vpm.

Sakai will introduce the TW504 later this summer. Dynamic linear pressure of the TW504 roller's 51-in. (129.5 cm) wide, 31-in. (78.7 cm) diameter steel drum is 202 lb./in. without roll-over-protection-system (ROPS) option, 236 lb./in. with combined machine static weight and installed ROPS.

The TW504 also features high-low amplitude selection from a variable eccentric shaft for use in wider applications. Centrifugal force on low amplitude is rated at 5,955 lb. and on high is rated at 7,710 lb. Amplitude is 0.012 and 0.016, and frequency 3,100 vpm and 4,000 vpm, respectively.

Theoretical gradeability of all three models is 38 percent, or 21 degrees of incline.

Ease of Service

The new 354- and 504-series rollers are easy to maintain, featuring a best-in-class sprinkler system with anti-clog package, triple-protection filtration and a plastic water tank with optimum drain characteristics that make for hassle-free winterization. Oil bath lubrication provides low-maintenance yet highly effective drum vibrator protection, according to the manufacturer.

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