Sandvik’s TriSpec Road-Milling Tool Lasts Twice as Long

Fri March 16, 2007 - National Edition

The new TriSpec road-milling tool from Sandvik Mining and Construction can resist wear under severe wash conditions.

The design of the TriSpec features a cemented-carbide ring placed in the critical wear zone of the steel body, which benefits contractors by providing less machine downtime for tool change-outs and minimized wear on the tool and tool holder.

In road milling, the greatest cause of tool failure is known as body wash, the premature wearing of the steel body that surrounds and supports the vital cemented-carbide insert in each of the tools on the milling drum.

As a result, the tools can break or erode to the point of failure long before the carbide has been fully used.

TriSpec incorporates penetration with strength, without compromising cutting speed. The steel body and cemented-carbide in TriSpec tools wear down evenly and proportionally to each other.

As a result, an even cutting surface is maintained over a long period of time, tool life is at least doubled, drum downtime is halved, productivity is increased and labor costs are decreased.

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