Second-Generation Iannella Masonry Relies on Caterpillar Equipment, Foley

Wed June 29, 2005 - Northeast Edition

Although Iannella Masonry Construction, of Hillsborough, NJ, has been in business for 19 years, Sandro Iannella’s, connection with Foley Inc. goes back farther than that.

“I have known Foley my whole life. When I was a kid I would pass by Foley and see all the equipment. At Christmas, they even had a Santa Claus,” said Iannella.

During his early years, Iannella had no thought that perhaps someday he would be buying one of those machines from Foley for his business. From time to time, Iannella has rented some pieces of equipment from Foley but four years ago he purchased a Caterpillar 420D IT (integrated tool carrier).

“I bought it because Caterpillars have a great reputation. They are reliable and have less downtime and it’s easy to get parts,” said Iannella. “Most of my work is with condominiums replacing walkways. It’s easy to change buckets or forks or other attachments for different [parts of the] job.”

Foley was the dealer of choice not only because of his fond childhood memories but because it provides him with the equipment and service he needs.

Iannella Masonry Construction was started by Sandro’s father, Tony, who had been doing so many masonry side jobs that he decided to take a chance and go into business for himself. Today, Sandro is the owner of the company but Tony who is semi-retired stills lends a hand.

For more information, call Foley at 732/885-5555 or visit or call Iannella Masonry at 908/359-0739.