Sennebogen Keeps PSC Metals’ Canton Facility Running

Thu August 28, 2008 - Midwest Edition

When PSC Metals upgraded its Canton, Ohio, facility, the company purchased three more Sennebogen 835 R-HD models to augment that process.

“Our operators love the 835 machines,” said Wally Dawson, yard manager of Canton Recycling, PSC Metals Canton location. “The machines are reliable, dependable, easy to operate and easy to service.”

Canton Recycling is a 100 acre one-stop, full-service scrap metal recycling plant that serves Timken Steel, which is located adjacent to the yard. It is primarily a ferrous processing facility that shreds, shears and torches inbound feedstock comprised of rails, automobiles, sheet iron, flame cut plates, end cuts and various other scrap.

“In a 10 hour-a-day operation, this facility sees a complete cross-section of customers,” said Dawson. “From a large industrial account right down to an individual dropping off household appliances, everyone comes through our gates. It is a fast-paced operation that requires heavy duty, reliable material handling machines to keep it running smoothly. The Sennebogen 835 models are a perfect fit for us.”

Dawson said he was especially pleased with the efficiency and economic and environmental benefits of the electrically-powered Sennebogen 835 special.

“Taking into account the soaring cost of diesel, our savings on fuel and maintenance are considerable,” he said. “Combine that with decreased vibration, low noise emissions, and the environmental benefits of going electric, and you have a real winner. It really is a ’green’ machine. Everything is just so much smoother with the electric motor.