Sennebogen Launches ’Green Efficiency’ in America

Thu March 21, 2013 - National Edition

The elevating maXCab and 49 ft. 2 in.(15 m) cantilever arm render the Sennebogen 830 E-Series particularly flexible and safe.
The elevating maXCab and 49 ft. 2 in.(15 m) cantilever arm render the Sennebogen 830 E-Series particularly flexible and safe.
The elevating maXCab and 49 ft. 2 in.(15 m) cantilever arm render the Sennebogen 830 E-Series particularly flexible and safe. The Sennebogen 835 E-Series shows its strengths in demanding continuous use at the scrap yard.

“They’re good for the environment and they’re easy on the budget.”

That’s how Constantino Lannes, president of Sennebogen LLC defined the most recent round of design updates featured in the new 830, 835 and 840 model material handlers introduced recently to the North American market.

“E-Series Sennebogen material handlers mark the beginning of a new generation of machines building on fuel-saving and environmentally-friendly efficiencies throughout their power train and hydraulic system. The result is a line-up of Tier IV-compliant machines that also reduce operating costs.”

The Sennebogen purpose-built material handlers are engineered for continuous use in demanding applications such as scrap recycling and demolition, ports facilities and log handling. Introduced by Sennebogen as the “Green Efficiency” models, the E-Series builds on Sennebogen’s established standards for performance with low fuel consumption, operator comfort and maximum safety, according to the manufacturer.

Efficient Power Technology

A key feature of the “Green Efficiency” design is the “Eco-Mode” and no-load automatic stop function. The “Eco-Mode” setting combines reduced engine speed with an automatic idle control and a start-stop system that will effectively reduce fuel consumption.

Due to a new intercooler design with direct mechanical drive, the E-Series fan system delivers maximum air supply right from the start. With an additional temperature-dependant oil and water cooler, the system’s materials and components all reach their operating temperature quickly and uniformly, which in turn reduces overall energy demand.

Minimum Background Noise, Even at Full Load

On all models, Cummins engines provide ample reserve power, even under high loads, setting new standards for low noise emissions. With reinforced cab windows and insulated sound transmission paths, sound pressure in the operator’s cab measures 4 dB lower — a noise reduction of more than half. In all models, NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions have been halved by the E-Series exhaust aftertreatment system and particulate matter has been reduced by 90 percent.

As well, the 830, 835 and 840 are still offered in electric-drive models, which can reduce operating costs by up to 50 percent more when compared to diesel drives. Powered by 100 percent emission-free electric motors, these clean electric-drive material handlers offer low noise, vibration free operation for an even more comfortable operator environment, according to the manufacturer.

A Diverse Range of Equipment and “Green Efficiency” Technology

Numerous component options and engineering configurations make the new E-Series models the ideal material handling machines in the scrap yard, at the port or in forestry applications.

With new slewing drive systems for rapid duty cycles plus extremely robust hydraulic cylinders, E-Series machines are tailored to take on the toughest material handling tasks.

The elevating maXCab comfort cab offers enhanced visibility and operator ergonomics. Its distinctive sliding door with entry step and handrail, featured as standard on E-Series, provides safe access to the operator station. The SENCON control system and an array of periphery cameras help the operator to operate safely, even in congested and busy work zones.

The E-Series models also make maintenance and servicing tasks easy. Centrally accessible service points and simple, computer-free engineering save time and effort in everyday operation while increasing uptime through every service cycle.

With a wide range of mobility choices such as the rubber-tired undercarriage or wide track crawler and several optional boom and stick configurations, the Sennebogen E-Series models adapt easily to any task where large quantities of material have to be moved quickly and consistently.

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