SensGard Hearing Protection Blocks Unwanted Noise

Fri April 22, 2011 - Northeast Edition

If the creators of SensGard have their way, people will have the choice of which kind of noise to block.

The SensGard hearing protection product is designed to block out “bad” noise yet allow desirable noise. Other hearing protection products block “good” noise, such as conversations between operators or a warning shout from a co-worker, in addition to the undesirable sounds they are trying to block out, according to the manufacturer.

Syracuse University Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience Emeritus Jozef Zwislocki, founder of the Institute for Sensory Research, developed the technology behind the SensGard protection.

Unlike devices that are either inserted into the ear canal like ear plugs or cover the ears like ear muffs, the SensGard ZEM sit at the entrance to the ear canal, neutralizing the sound by moving it away from the ear canal, according to the manufacturer.

SensGard co-founders Greg Post and Rob DiNardo teamed up with Zwislocki to bring the product to the market.

“There have been no significant changes in hearing protection products on the market in 40 years,” said Post. “We saw this technology as the most logical advancement in the field and a potential business opportunity.”

Tim Pope, owner of TMT Safety Products and COO of Terry Tree Service was intrigued by the device.

“Being in an industry where hearing protection is so important, being able to get protection and still have crew members able to communicate effectively is the perfect scenario,” he said.

“We tried them immediately and the guys just loved them. You can literally carry on a conversation while you’re wearing them, even in a noisy work environment,” Pope added.

About TMT Safety Products

TMT Safety Products, based in Rochester, N.Y., is the distributor for the SensGard product.

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