Simpson & Sons Delivers Personalized Business

Wed November 06, 2019 - West Edition #23

Steve Simpson, president, Simpson & Sons Trading.
Steve Simpson, president, Simpson & Sons Trading.

The Simpson family has been in the equipment business for more than 50 years. Over those five decades, there has been a driving desire to make transactions easier for customers.

Steve Simpson's, president, Simpson & Sons Trading, late father, Dan "Suitcase" Simpson, was the inspiration to him in the early days as he ventured into the iron business.

Simpson had the great fortune of being mentored by Dave Ritchie, and several of the other founding partners of Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers when he started his career with the company in1990 in Vancouver.

He was an exemplary student of Dave Ritchie's business savvy and relationship philosophy and decided after 25 years with Ritchie Bros. it was time to branch out and build a business where customers interacted with him directly, and where he could deliver on promises himself. That was the start of Simpson & Sons Trading.

Today, the opportunities and customer relationships Simpson has formed worldwide have become a driving force behind Simpson & Sons Trading. Simpson's passion for the equipment business, in conjunction with his excellent reputation, integrity and market knowledge, has driven his desire to create a more personalized and stress-free experience for his customers.

Simpson & Sons Trading has satellite offices in Reno, Vancouver, Edmonton and now Phoenix. For more information, call 909/519-2736 or visit