SlatTrax Turf Protection System is Designed for Tough Jobs

One hundred feet (30.5 m) of Trax can be deployed or retrieved in less than two minutes.

Tue August 18, 2015 - National Edition
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The SlatTrax system attaches to loaders and track machines with a standard quick-attach plate and hydraulic lines.
The SlatTrax system attaches to loaders and track machines with a standard quick-attach plate and hydraulic lines.

SlatTrax is a revolutionary product that reduces the damage, expense, and labor required to protect the ground from heavy vehicle damage at worksites, according to the company.

The Trax are assembled with individual "Slat" pieces which allow the Trax to roll off and back onto the spools on the attachment. This system rolls out 100 feet of dual Trax (either 36" or 42" width) in less than 2 minutes; after the job is done the Trax are retrieved onto the spools. A standard quick-attach plate on the SlatTrax unit fits with your skid loader - connect the hydraulic lines, move to the site and trigger the roll-out of Trax.

Two primary models are available - 36" width (88" total width system), or 42" width (106" width system), both handling up to 100’ of Trax. The Trax are assembled in 25 foot sections with a quick disconnect "buckle" which allows you to drop off the amount of Trax necessary for the job. You can also maneuver these sections manually on the ground as necessary including curvature at a radius of approximately 8 feet, allowing equipment to turn around building corners, etc. The system carries a one year warranty. Additional dual Trax of 25’ may also be ordered. The individual slat pieces may bend past the breaking point on rough terrain, large holes, rocks, etc., but they are easily replaced by inserting replacement slats.

According to the company, SlatTrax provides the following benefits:

- Eliminates the expense of plywood – purchase, handling, cleaning, disposal/replacement, putting down and picking up.

- Reduced expense results in increased profitability, and/or more competitive pricing.

- Customers have less mess, minimal property damage, and faster project turnaround.

- Workers are more productive and less likely to be injured.

- Focus is on the project (quality and efficiency) and less so on dealing with plywood, etc.

SlatTrax is patented, owned by Property Props, Inc. and manufactured in Minnesota.

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