Southampton, NY, Kids Rejoice Over New Rec Facility

Mon February 03, 2003 - Northeast Edition

The North Sea Recreational Facility (NSRF) is among the largest projects that Guillo Contracting, of Southampton, NY, has ever tackled.

In October 2002, Guillo was awarded the contract, spearheaded by the Town of Southampton Parks Department in Southampton, NY. It is worth nearly $3 million and involves the excavation of approximately 30 acres (12.1 ha) of land, with roughly 500,000 yds. (457,200 m) of material being excavated. When completed, the youth center will be 55,000 sq. ft. (5,110 sq m) and will house basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, a roller skating arena and an upper level track.

In addition, Guillo is handling all site work, curbs, parking lots, lighting and septic systems, all being done on a stringent timeline. The grounds will feature outdoor playing fields that will accommodate soccer and baseball. The project is scheduled for completion Jan. 31, 2003.

Much of the excavation work has involved a large hill, which has required cuts in excess of 20 ft. (6.1 m). However, because of sandy soil that is inherent to the eastern Long Island area, the material has been relatively easy to excavate with no blasting or rock crushing.

According to Paul Guillo Sr., president of Guillo Contracting, the biggest challenge was not the big hill but the significant amount of material that his company had to move in a very short time.

Guillo commended his articulated trucks for their job performance. “We tested and compared the Volvo to other off-road haulers on the market. The Volvos are ideal when working in soft sandy conditions. They perform well on an uphill grade and also are very fuel efficient.”

Currently, Guillo Contracting owns several pieces of Volvo equipment consisting of: six Volvo excavators ranging in size from a mini EC55 up to a new EC290LC; six Volvo loaders including a mini L30 up to a new L220E; and two Volvo articulated trucks including an A30C and an A25C. Guillo also owns a variety of over-the-road haul trucks, wood waste recycling equipment and aggregate production equipment. In addition, the company rented an A30C for the current project.

But for this job, Guillo needed more iron, so he turned to the Malvese organization and to Don Ollari, sales representative of Malvese Equipment Company, Riverhead, NY.

“Whenever the need arises for the ready acquisition of any additional pieces of equipment, Sales Representative Don Ollari is always available and eager to assist me in any way he can,” said Guillo.

When Malvese did not have some needed equipment in its inventory, Ollari, worked out a deal with Tyler Equipment in Massachusetts and had them promptly deliver a used A30 articulated truck to the job site.

“Needing additional equipment is always one of the biggest challenges, and that’s where Don Ollari and the Malvese Equipment Company have always come through for us,” Guillo said.

The most recent additions to Guillo’s Volvo fleet, purchased specifically for the NSRF project include: a Volvo L220E 7.5 yd. (6.8 m) loader, and a Volvo EC290BLC 67,000-lb. (30,391 kg) excavator with a 2.5 yd. (2.3 m) bucket.

In particular, Guillo praised the Volvo L220E’s performance.

“The Volvo L220E 7.5 yd. loader has been a real treat for our operators. They absolutely love the cab comfort and the joystick operation. Our operators were literally able to become completely comfortable with the operation of the machine within a matter of hours. We also have noticed a considerable savings in fuel consumption due to the APS 2 powershift transmission. This feature has generated what has amounted to a 15-percent fuel savings,” he said.

“Over the years, our business alliance with Malvese has been a very gratifying experience due to their solid commitment to customer satisfaction and their reliable serve and maintenance of our Volvo fleet of equipment. Any time I have a piece of machinery down, I can depend on the service department at Malvese to meet my needs in a timely fashion, regardless of the situation or location.”

Guillo Contracting

Guillo Contracting was founded 32 years ago as a small residential construction company that performed a wide variety of work, such as sewer installations and dry wall projects. Now, the Paul R. Guillo Contracting Corporation has grown dramatically to become one of the largest excavating contractors on the east end of Long Island.

Today, the company consists of five separate, yet interconnected divisions.

Guillo Contracting deals with all phases of site development, which includes, but is not limited to, landclearing, demolition, excavation and drainage. Within this division, the company also has a fleet of trucks, tractor trailers and tri-axle dumps and provides roll-off services to contractors and home owners.

Guillo Enterprises is a material manufacturing division, which specializes in topsoil, mulches, sand, gravel, boulders and recycled aggregates.

Guillo Pools handles swimming pool construction (gunite and vinyl) and renovations. This division also constructs ponds. Within this department is a full-service masonry division

Guillo Pool Service is the maintenance arm of Guillo Pools. This is a full-service unit that specializes in the maintenance of all aspects of the swimming pool arena.

PRG Corporation is a land holding division.

“I started out with nothing more than a dedicated heart, a determined spirit, a small dump truck and a backhoe,” said Guillo. “While there are numerous factors involved in sustaining a large corporation, two ingredients are essential: a talented and dedicated workforce and a fleet of reliable equipment. We have experienced tremendous growth and Malvese Equipment has been an important ally in our ongoing favorable rise within the industry,” Guillo concluded.