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Southwestern Ind. Town Gets $1.6M Levee Grant

Wed March 16, 2011 - National Edition

HAZLETON, Ind. (AP) A southwestern Indiana town has won a $1.6 million state grant that will cover the cost of replacing an aging levee.

The Princeton Daily Clarion reported that the grant will pay to widen and raise the 4,000-ft. (1,219 m) long levee that borders the south bank of the White River in Hazleton.

The 75-year-old levee built by the Works Progress Administration doesn’t meet guidelines for certification because it was not built by the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers.

The existing levee has been plagued by troubles, including the 2005 collapse of about 10 ft. (3 m) of the structure during flooding that nearly caused a breach in the levee.

Construction on the upgrade is scheduled to begin in October and be complete by April 2012.