SpeedScreen Bucket Swiftly Separates Rocks, Debris

Wed April 23, 2008 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

The designers of the Multi-Ripper and the Multi-Ripper bucket now offer a new style bucket that allows the operator to separate rocks (or roots, debris, etc.) from material faster than ever before, without expensive equipment. The new SpeedScreen bucket separates the rocks during a normal excavator digging operation by screening the material with a special shaped non-hydraulic moving screen.

When the excavator scoops the material, it goes through a screen into the bucket. The rocks are forced up the ramped screen, so that the rocks lie on top of the screen and the screened material lies in the bucket. When the bucket is partially dumped, the rocks roll off the screen first, into a pile or truck, or the side of the trench, then the bucket is dumped further, and the screened material is dumped out, completely separated. The specially designed screen is hinged so that every other finger opens to allow ease of dumping of the screened material.

• Units in the field have shown that the SpeedScreen bucket can increase productivity 4 to 6 times as compared to stationary screeners, according to the manufacturer.

• Dig the trench for the utility while dumping the rocks in a truck and the screened material in piles next to the trench. After the utility is placed in the trench, the screened material is right there to be used for finishing the job. The rocks may even be used for bedding.

• Instead of digging out the trench, hauling it away, trucking in screened material, or, putting the mixture in a pile, then running the mixed material through a mobile powered screener producing two piles, and then moving the piles back for fill, the whole operation can be done while digging.

• No setup time and no need for powered screening equipment, maintenance, trailer space, etc.

• Other designs of screening buckets require special hydraulic kits and equipment that is expensive and costly to maintain. The SpeedScreen bucket has no hydraulic components, seals to leak, hoses to break or risk of hydraulic system contamination problems, according to the manufacturer.

• The swinging portion that allows every other bar of the screen to move, prevents rocks (or roots, debris, etc.) from being stuck in between the bars.

For more information, call 866/928-5800 or visit www.leadingedgeattachments.com.

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