Stafford Tractor Expands Into Used Equipment Market

Wed March 17, 2004 - Southeast Edition

With four years in the Atlanta equipment market, Stafford Tractor Co., based in Lawrenceville, GA, is expanding into the used iron arena with its subsidiary, Stafford Heavy Iron.

“[Stafford Tractor’s] equipment business has grown to the point where the next logical expansion goal is to enter into the used iron business,” said David Crockett, president of Stafford Machinery. “The company has matured to the point where we saw a market that we wanted to approach. We want to target Georgia and the surrounding states with good quality used industrial equipment.”

The expansion is expected to complement Stafford’s sister company, Reliable Tractor Inc., which has locations in Tifton, Douglas and Valdosta, all in Georgia.

Purchasing and selling used equipment, Stafford Heavy Iron will focus on late model, low-hour machines. The company recently purchased seven acres of land adjacent to Stafford Tractor Co. to house Stafford Heavy Iron’s inventory and sales offices, said Crockett.

“The goal is to become a one-stop shop for the customer –– new equipment at Stafford Tractor and used industrial, earthmoving and mining equipment at Stafford Heavy Iron,” he said.

Stafford Tractor will support Stafford Heavy Iron’s needs by providing all parts, service and repair needs to the used equipment operation before and after the sale. Crockett is looking for Stafford Heavy Iron to be a potential used equipment center for various manufacturers to re-market their products.

The general manager of Stafford Heavy Iron will be Dick Kelly, who has been in the equipment business for more than 38 years. He brings with him experience running his own equipment company. Kelly began his career at State Equipment in Pennsylvania and has since worked in companies throughout the East Coast.

“We feel fortunate to have Dick in this position,” said Crockett. “His history brings a lot of experience, knowledge and aggressiveness to attack the competitive [used equipment] market. [Kelly] will be traveling wherever necessary to find equipment.”

Crockett, who has been with Stafford for five years, believes the recent economic upswing along with the company’s strategic plan made for “perfect timing” in opening the new subsidiary.

“I’m excited about the opportunity that our parent company is giving us,” said Crockett.

DeNean Stafford is president and CEO of Stafford Development Co., based in Tifton, GA. Stafford began his career in the heavy equipment business at Reliable Tractor and has developed a long-term dedication to the industry.

Stafford Heavy Iron is located a few miles off Interstate 85 on Highway 316 in Lawrenceville.

For more information, call 770/318-4893 or visit