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Stage 8 Receives WABL Approval for Cap Screw Locking System

Tue January 03, 2012 - National Edition

Stage 8’s Cap Screw Locking System for railroad freight and passenger industries.
Stage 8’s Cap Screw Locking System for railroad freight and passenger industries.

Stage 8 has received the approval of the Association of American Railroads (AAR) Wheels, Axles, Bearings & Lubrication (WABL) Committee. The approval is for Stage 8’s Cap Screw Locking System, a product that represents the first significant improvement in roller bearing end cap locking systems in more than 55 years, according to the committee.

“We are very proud of this milestone,” Robert Ahern, Stage 8 director said. “The Stage 8 Fastener Locking System is the latest of five major new products that Stage 8 has developed and is producing specifically for the railroad freight and passenger industries in a major effort to improve fastener integrity and reliability.”

The automotive industry has benefited immensely from Stage 8’s many types of active, fail-safe mechanical locking fasteners, including locking header bolts. The simple design and strong materials belie the engineering that goes into making certain that whatever you tighten stays that way. All Stage 8 locking fasteners are engineered to keep critical bolted joints tight in the severest operating conditions, according to the manufacturer.

Stage 8 locking fasteners also are available in custom sizes and material by special order.

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