State Officials Change Corridor Plan in Texas

Thu January 22, 2009 - West Edition

AUSTIN (AP) The Texas Department of Transportation said the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor is dead in its initial form and that plans for the highway network have been scaled down.

Executive director Amadeo Saenz unveiled new guidelines Jan. 6 for developing the corridor, a much-criticized network of toll roads championed by Gov. Rick Perry since 2002. Associates of Perry have said in recent weeks the corridor won’t take shape as originally envisioned.

Saenz said Texans have spoken and that transportation officials are listening. He said major corridor projects will now comprise several small segments closer to 600 ft. (182 m) wide and will no longer be called the Trans-Texas Corridor.

Original plans called for corridors up to 1,200 ft. (365 m) to allow for several modes of transportation and utility transmission facilities.