Stewart-Amos’ New Brooms Sweep Clean With Husky

Wed October 08, 2003 - Northeast Edition

Although Stewart-Amos Equipment Co., Harrisburg, PA, has been selling sweepers since the 1950s, it strives to provide its customers with equipment to meet their needs. With its customers in mind, Stewart-Amos has added Husky Sweepers to its equipment lines.

“Stewart-Amos is very excited to present the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware with our new product, Husky Sweepers manufactured by Sweeprite in Canada,” said Frank Chulick, president of Stewart-Amos. “This model is very unique to the industry. It has features that you ordinarily don’t find in street sweepers.”

The Husky sweeper is a mechanical broom sweeper mounted on four wheels that provide mobility desired by contractors and the turning radius of a three-wheel sweeper. “This is completely new technology and we are happy to be able to present this benefit to our territory,” said Chulick.

In addition, the main and gutter brooms that provide a 9-ft. 6-in. wide sweeping path are easy to operate and maintain. The 58-in main broom uses angled-forward leading edges to eliminate streaking in addition to picking up more debris, dirt and trash.

The free-floating, fully-adjustable gutter brooms follow the contour of the road surface and are independently driven for maximum reserve sweeping torque and increased operating flexibility.

Other features of the sweeper include: a water saver that puts water at the tip of the gutter broom bristles to keep dust down and water usage to a minimum; the variable dumping height expands from 24-in. ground dump to a full 10 ft.; and the 4-cu.-yd hopper is mounted on a 18,000 GVW chassis that does not require a CDL license for operators.

“This Husky is operator/mechanic-friendly,” said Bill Sumski, sales manager of Stewart-Amos. “It is very easy to repair and it is manufactured for both large and small sweeping applications jobs, anything from milling jobs, to parking lots, to municipal work. It’s just the right size for almost all size jobs.”

Operating in a niche market has its advantages for both Stewart-Amos and Sweeprite Manufacturing Inc., the producer of Husky sweepers.

“We took advantage of the fact that we’re small, Canadian and competitive,” said Brad Oliver, vice president of sales and marketing, Sweeprite Manufacturing. “Larger companies often become complacent and forget about what their customers are looking for. Sweeprite is always adjusting to what our customers want and we can do that quickly because of our size and commitment to excellence.”

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