STIHL M-Tronic System Manages Operating Performance of the Engine

Fri July 15, 2011 - National Edition

MS 441 C-M STIHL Magnum chain saw features STIHL M-Tronic technology, an engine management system that intelligently manages the operating performance of the engine in order to make tough jobs easier.

When equipment performance can be affected by a dirty air filter, changes in elevation or poor fuel quality, the STIHL M-Tronic system compensates for these factors, by electronically monitoring the engine while digitally controlling the fuel/air mixture. This new, advanced technology also provides a simplified warm start procedure.

This enhanced version of the MS 441 chain saw offers the same standard features as the original, like improved fuel efficiency for up to 20 percent less fuel consumption (depending on application and operator), pre-separation air filtration for longer run times between air filter maintenance, and reduced-emission engine technology for environmentally responsible use. The MS 441 models also are complete with user-friendly features such as a side access chain tensioner, which makes it quick and easy to tighten or loosen the saw chain, and an advanced anti-vibration system that helps reduce user fatigue, as well as a translucent fuel tank, which makes checking fuel levels easy.

It also is available in the wrap handle version, the MS 441 RC-M.

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