Stone Construction’s Locking Leg Thwarts Vandalism, Theft

Wed November 12, 2008 - National Edition

Stone Construction Equipment Inc. has introduced the locking leg for its Right Built Champion and Buddy by Stone mortar mixers. The locking leg attaches to the mixer’s axle in place of the tire and helps to deter vandalism and theft. The leg is ideal for rental houses that want to assure the return of their inventory of Stone mixers. It also protects the contractor’s investment in the equipment.

Two different size locking legs are available. The smaller leg fits Stone Champion mortar mixer models 655PM, 655PMP, 755PM, 855PM and 855PMP. It also can be used on the EXD850 and EXD1100 models of the Buddy by Stone mixers. A larger leg works on the Buddy by Stone EXD1300GD and EXD1300BD models.

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