Summit Supply Opens Seattle Location

Wed July 16, 2014 - National Edition

Summit Supply LLC, a supplier of undercarriage parts to the construction industry, recently announced the opening of its new location in Seattle.

The New Jersey-based firm was founded in 1982 and for more than 30 years operated its business from the east coast. With the ever evolving market, however, the owners of the firm decided that a west coast presence was necessary and Seattle seemed to be the perfect place.

"This new location will greatly improve our shipping times across the entire continental United States and into Canada. With locations on both the east and west coast we are now able to offer next day shipping to twenty states and two-day shipping into Canada," a company spokesperson said.

The branch office is located at 13535 68th Ave. South, Seattle, Wash., and gives Summit Supply access to one of the major ports in the world and the primary north/south interstate on the west coast. This is important to the company that is a top supplier of undercarriage parts to firms in the construction business. Often these firms need material right away and having dual offices on either side of the country allows Summit Supply to get the parts to the customer as soon as possible.

Summit Supply’s undercarriage parts are made of continuous steel cord technology, which produces the strongest rubber tracks in the industry and eliminates joints in the rubber tracks which in turn eliminates 95 percent of all track failures, according to the company.

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