Superior Industries Expands Line of Chevron Wing Pulleys

Fri July 08, 2011 - National Edition

Superior Industries has added to its line of Chevron wing pulleys. The company announced today it is now building and distributing a style rated for CEMA construction. CEMA applications are often light duty, portable conveyors that make infrequent starts and stops. Load, dimensions and crown design standards are defined by ANSI B105.1.

With their v-shape construction, Chevron wing pulleys are designed to deflect material and prevent it from lodging better than standard wing pulleys. Less opportunity for trapped fugitive material between pulley wings means longer lasting wing pulleys and less belt damage, according to the manufacturer.

Other benefits include much softer decibel levels generated by the Chevron wing pulley. According to Superior, a standard wing pulley produces about 120 decibels of sound, while the Chevron wing pulley sustains a level of 70 decibels.

With the addition, Superior’s Chevron wing pulleys are now available in CEMA rated construction with diameters from 10 to 20 in. (25 to 51 cm) and face widths from 20 to 51 in. (51 to 129 cm), plus mine duty and super duty styles with diameters from 12 to 42 in. (30.5 to 106.6 cm) and face widths from 12 to 78 in. (30.5 to 198 cm).

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