Sweepster’s HBB Pick-Up Lowers the Broom on Dirt

Wed April 12, 2000 - Northeast Edition

Sweepster’s HBB Pick-Up sweeper features over-the-brush debris collection, a 1.2 to 2-meter (4 to 6 ft.) brush, and a .34- to .45-cubic-meter (12 to 16 cu. ft.) hopper the HBB lets the operator pick up everything that gets in the way.

The HBB Pick-Up sweeper features:

• Quick attachment

• Quick adjustment

• Easy dumping of material

• Optional gutter broom(s) and sprinkler system.

The HBB has a big, long-wearing 66-centimeter (26 in.) diameter main broom that comes with choice of bristle material: polypropylene, wire or poly/wire combination.

Optional dual gutter brooms let the operator sweep next to curbs, parking blocks and other surfaces. Use the cutting edge of the bucket to scrape hard packed dirt off driveways and parking lots, then sweep the area clean with the brush.

For more information, call 800/456-7100 or visit www. sweepster.com.