Systech University Provides Training for Integra Software

Fri March 02, 2007 - National Edition

Systech has launched Systech University, a training experience designed specifically for those using its Integra software for management and operations of ready-mix concrete, building material and aggregate companies.

“Systech University will teach operators how to realize the full potential of Integra,” said John Rabchuk, president of Systech Inc. “This is another opportunity for building material operations to increase their productivity and profitability.”

Classes at Systech University are designed by trainers with years of experience using the software in a client environment. The trainers approach the software from a business perspective that allows employees and managers in ready-mix, building material and aggregate operations to quickly grasp how the Integra system can be used to address the issues they face every day.

“Systech University is a combination of classroom work and hands-on experience,” said Matt Jetmore, director of customer service at Systech, who designed the curriculum. “Students will cover the full range of software features and have the opportunity to try out examples and experiment with sample data. Specific emphasis is placed on using Integra to address actual business problems experienced in everyday situations.”

Classes are organized into related tracks including Ready Mix, Integra Batch, Aggregate, Back Office and Technical. Additionally, software modules such as Executive Information System, Key Performance Indicator Statistics and Lien classes are scheduled several times per year.

Classes are taught through hands-on examples. Each student follows along with the instructor on a computer loaded with Integra software and a sample database.

Students will be exposed to industry best practices and explore how the Integra system can be used to implement those practices. Students also will be given the opportunity to discuss the business problems they face and learn how Integra can be used to address those problems.

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