T-Quip Sales & Rentals Announces Employee of the Year

Tue February 27, 2018 - National Edition

T-Quip 2018 Employee of the Year Jaye-D McGregor.
T-Quip 2018 Employee of the Year Jaye-D McGregor.

Finding an employee who is eager to learn, knowledgeable of heavy equipment and who puts forth a strong work ethic is increasingly hard to come by in the construction industry these days, but T-Quip Sales & Rentals has been fortunate enough to find its match.

In 2016 T-Quip hired Jaye-D McGregor to work in its shop as a mechanic. Since then, Jaye-D has continued to make himself stand apart in various aspects of his daily responsibilities, according to the company.

“Jaye-D has continued to impress us since his first day on the job. He has a great attitude, is very punctual, and has eagerly been willing to learn the ropes of the business,” said Michael Thibeault, vice president of T-Quip. “During his 2 years with us, he has quickly progressed within his position as a mechanic, to becoming a crucial component in a wide variety of T-Quip's daily operations. From operating the equipment, driving trucks, and showing great ability on equipment repairs and maintenance, he truly has become a versatile and highly valued employee, which is why we are proud to award him with Employee of the Year.”

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