Telsmith 3258 Crushing Plant Designed for Portability

Fri February 23, 2007 - National Edition

Designed for high-capacity performance in tough applications, the Telsmith 3258 portable crushing plant is engineered with features that boost production, reduce maintenance requirements, improve safety and enhance mobility. Ideal for the portable plant operator, the plant travels at 13-ft. 6-in. (4.1 m) high and 10-ft. (3 m) in width.

At the heart of the plant is the Telsmith Model 3258 hydraulic jaw crusher, which has a 32-in. (81 cm) gape and a 58-in. (147 cm) wide crushing chamber. Finger-tip controlled, hydraulic adjustment cylinders reduce maintenance and increase uptime while the hydraulic overload system automatically protects the crusher from tramp metal.

The crusher is fed with a 60-in. wide and 20-ft. long (152 cm by 6.1 m) vibrating grizzly. For optimum portability, the grizzly feeder, loading hopper and grizzly bypass chute comprise one modular unit. The entire module can be removed as one piece, sliding off the back of the plant and simplifying travel in weight restricted travel areas.

The chassis is equipped with a standard tri-axle air ride suspension. An optional 4th axle can be pneumatically elevated off the ground, reducing wear and tear during tight on-site maneuvering.

Equipped with either diesel or electric power, plants feature an optional variable speed drive for the feeder. Diesel plants incorporate a 365-hp (272 kW) engine with a hydraulically activated trans-fluid clutch. Push-button controls engage the clutch automatically, and a hydraulic belt tensioner is used to maintain a constant belt pressure, eliminating the need to adjust belts.

Several leveling systems are available as options. Telsmith has tucked the cylinders under the plant, allowing extra room around the support legs for blocking. Large service platforms are built into the chassis for easy access to the jaw, feeder and engine.

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