Terex Cranes Finds Counterfeit Cranes in China

Tue March 03, 2009 - National Edition

Terex Cranes has identified eight lattice boom crawler cranes as counterfeits of its products in the Henan Province of China and is undertaking legal action in cooperation with Chinese government authorities. The cranes were being sold as used Terex Demag models. In recent months, at least two other crane manufacturers have reported counterfeiting of their products, according to trade publication reports.

While Terex is concerned with possible misappropriation of intellectual property, and potential damage to its corporate identity, its first concern is that of safety, according to the company. Terex believes that these counterfeit cranes pose a safety hazard due to their mix of different design features and unmatched components.

Caveat Emptor —Buyer Beware of Fake Cranes

Buyers of cranes being sold as used in China should check the authenticity and seek the support of Terex Cranes as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). It takes more than checking serial numbers as those are easy to forge. A physical inspection and careful evaluation of photographs along with serial number verification is necessary for official authentication, according to Terex.