Terex Increases Excavator Productivity With TXC300 LC-2

Tue December 12, 2006 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

The Terex TXC300 LC-2 excavator, which replaces the TXC300 LC-1 unit, includes upgrades and advanced features designed to increase operator comfort, productivity and fuel efficiency.

Bob Wickwire, Terex product manager, said the rental industry in particular will benefit from the upgrades on the new LC-2 machine, beginning with the new pattern change control,

“This new feature allows the operator to change the control pattern. Rental yards need to accommodate as many operators as possible and this simple pattern change control makes the job quick and easy,” said Wickwire.

“The new TXC300 LC-2 excavator delivers tremendous savings over the life of the machine by reducing overall maintenance costs. For instance, oil change intervals have gone from 2000 to 4000 hours, air filter replacements are required every 2,000 hours versus every 500 hours and front pin lubrication intervals have gone from 50 to 250 hours,” Wickwire added.

The new unit also features a Tier-III emission-compliant engine that uses a common rail injection system. The system uses high fuel injection pressure to burn the smallest particle fuel size completely, which eliminates smoke and increases fuel efficiency. According to Wickwire, the new engine combined with the new electronic management system (e-EPOS) increases productivity by 4 percent and fuel efficiency by 6 percent.

“The new e-EPOS system communicates with the ECU [engine] and the CAN [controller area network] to assure that the engine and hydraulic systems share the information required to operate at maximum efficiency. The combination of the two ensures an efficient balance between power and economy.”

Wickwire said the new e-EPOS system also gives operators access to advanced self-diagnostic technology for quick and precise problem resolution. A new attachment flow rate control — not available on the old LC-1 model — allows the operator to adjust the discharge oil flow to attachments precisely to the gpm required for the tool.

The LC-2 model also features a wider, roomier cab, automatic climate control with 20 percent more cooling capacity and 8 percent more airflow and less engine noise. Terex reduced the engine noise by installing a larger advanced cooling fan, remote fan drive system and new muffler with a doubled wall structure, according to Wickwire.

Terex will replace its line of LC-1 machines with new LC-2 units.

For more information, call 662/393-1800 or visit www.terex.com.

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