Terex Presents Company Wrench With Top Terex Fuchs Distributor Award

Tue June 19, 2012 - National Edition
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The number 1 Distributor, Terex Fuchs award and proclamations from the Governor of Ohio and Congressman Steve Austria, Ohio’s 7th District.
The number 1 Distributor, Terex Fuchs award and proclamations from the Governor of Ohio and Congressman Steve Austria, Ohio’s 7th District.
The number 1 Distributor, Terex Fuchs award and proclamations from the Governor of Ohio and Congressman Steve Austria, Ohio’s 7th District. Brad Hutchinson (L), owner of Company Wrench, accepts the award from Dean Barley, general manager of Terex Construction Americas. A crowd of dignitaries, employees and local citizens gather just before the presentation of the award. The event was attended by Terex Construction Americas representatives, Company Wrench officials and employees as well as local and state dignitaries. Local dignitaries at the event included (L-R) Nick Gatz, field representative of Gov. John Kasich; Gary Gleckler, president, Company Wrench; Shane Farnsworth, Fairfield County economic development director; Kathleen Young, field director of U.S. Congressm A reception was held after the award ceremony. (L to R) are Judy Shupe, Fairfield County commissioner; Mike Kiger, Fairfield County commissioner; Brad Hutchinson, owner, Company Wrench; Penny Hutchinson, asset manager, Company Wrench; Steve Davis, Fairfield County commissioner; Kristy Jennings, market

Terex Construction Americas has recognized Company Wrench Ltd. as the top distributor of Terex Fuchs material handlers for 2011. One of the top-performing distributors for several years, this is the first time Company Wrench has been selected to receive the number 1 Terex Fuchs equipment distributor award. The company was selected for its continued growth with the material handler line, top sales performance and superior service support of the customer.

“Starting with Brad Hutchinson [owner of Company Wrench] and carrying through to the sales and service personnel, the entire Company Wrench team is passionate beyond belief about ensuring the customer’s success,” said Dean Barley, general manager of Terex Construction Americas. “It’s rewarding to work with a distributor like Company Wrench, whose philosophy and dedication to the customer is in line with our commitment to the success of the customer.”

On hand to receive the award for Company Wrench were Hutchinson, Gary Gleckler — president, Scott Carpenter — CFO, and Cam Gabbard — vice president.

“It’s an honor to have our team’s dedication to the Terex Fuchs line recognized with this number one distributor award,” said Hutchinson. “With our focus on the scrap and demolition industries, the Terex Fuchs line was a natural fit to our equipment offering. As a result, the relationship has allowed us to offer more solutions for our customers and has resulted in a huge infusion of growth for our company.”

Company Wrench’s road to becoming a heavy equipment distributor began 13 years ago, when Hutchinson started a truck, trailer and equipment shop in Fairfield County, Ohio. At the time, the company offered 24-hour, seven-day-a-week wrecker and recovery service.

It wasn’t until 2002 that Company Wrench turned its focus to the demolition market, representing a line of specialty hydraulic attachments. In 2005, Terex Construction Americas began its relationship with Company Wrench to provide local sales and service support for Terex Fuchs scrap and recycling customers operating in Ohio. This gave Company Wrench a full line of purpose-built material handlers designed for the scrap, recycling and demolition markets. With its strong bent on serving these markets, Company Wrench immediately became a top-performing distributor for the material handler line.

“We took the same philosophy of 24-7 repair services demanded by the customer in the heavy wrecker business and adapted it to the scrap business for the Terex Fuchs line,” said Gleckler. “We also offer a buy-back program as part of our support package.”

“The biggest cost is when a company’s equipment is down, and we make sure we have a service technician to the job site the same day we receive the call,” added Gabbard. “If a customer is in a remote location, we’ll fly the service personnel to the job site on our own plane to ensure he is up and running as quickly as possible.”

It is this dedication to the customer that has enabled Company Wrench to grow from 1 to 12 locations in 6 years. The number 1 Terex Fuchs equipment distributor award was presented to Company Wrench officials by Terex Construction Americas representatives Dean Barley, Chris Koch and Kristy Jennings in a ceremony held on May 1, 2012, at the distributor’s headquarters location in Carroll, Ohio.

Joining Terex Construction Americas and Company Wrench officials were a host of local and state dignitaries, including representatives from the offices of Gov. John Kasich and Congressman Steve Austria of Ohio’s 7th District. In addition to being named the top Terex Fuchs equipment distributor for 2011, Company Wrench received proclamations from the offices of both Kasich and Austria.

From a small initial territory representing Terex Fuchs material handlers, Company Wrench now offers sales and service support for multiple states in the midwestern and southern regions for Terex Fuchs.

“This is a well-deserved honor for Company Wrench,” said Chris Koch, divisional sales manager of Terex Construction Americas. “They are a top-notch organization and one of our most dedicated distributors, not only to the product line but, more importantly, to the customer. We congratulate them on their success.”

For more information, call 662/393-1800 or visit www.terex.com.

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