Terex Unveils New Program to Support Rental Facilities

Tue September 08, 2009 - National Edition

In June, Terex introduced the new Distributor Rental Partnership Program (DRPP), to aid rental stores in the development of their compact equipment rental business. Many construction and landscaping industries contractors are turning to rental stores to access the equipment they need without the long term commitment of purchasing in this uncertain economy. This represents a significant growth opportunity for rental stores.

“Through our Distributor Rental Partnership Program, Terex is enabling rental stores to be better positioned for the upswing in construction,” said Todd Shepherd, Terex DRPP manager, “The Terex compact equipment line is among the largest in the industry, so rental stores working with Terex are likely to have the type of equipment that contractors need on a daily basis as demand increases.”

Through the program, rental store operators meet with Terex representatives to review their compact equipment needs and make sure that the stores have enough equipment to handle the growing demand.

“As the stimulus money continues to enter the market and general conditions show some improvement,” noted Shepherd, “more projects are beginning all the time. Many of them will require different pieces of equipment from day to day. The Distributor Rental Partnership Program helps rental store owners know what’s available and receive training as needed. Then whatever their customers need, they’ll be able to supply.”

An added benefit for rental store owners is saving time.

“Because the Terex compact equipment line is so large and the brand itself is so respected within the industry, rental store operators can meet their customers’ needs with just one supplier. They’ll be able to spend more time on their business and less time meeting with different people and needing to learn all about different equipment,” said Shepherd.

Shepherd pointed out that contractors also will see time savings by getting all of their equipment from a single rental store.

“We know contractors understand the value of renting. We know they understand the productivity and value of Terex compact equipment. Put them together, and the rental store becomes a one-stop shop for their compact equipment needs.”

For more information, visit www.terex.com.