Thoutt Brothers Enhances Operations Using GlobalTRACS

Sat September 16, 2006 - West Edition

Thoutt Brothers Concrete Contractors, a Denver-based construction contractor, has installed Qualcomm’s GlobalTRACS equipment management system on the majority of its construction equipment vehicles, including tractors, loaders and fuel and service trucks.

The GlobalTRACS system automatically tracks and locates equipment.

Thoutt Brothers previously spent considerable time keeping track of equipment with phone calls, construction site searches and handwritten notes recording the number of hours a machine had been running.

The GlobalTRACS system constantly monitors location and engine usage on every machine and makes that information available to Thoutt Brothers in a variety of formats.

The GlobalTRACS system automatically updates location data for each piece of equipment to ensure that the equipment is where it is supposed to be and logs machine usage hours, which helps Thoutt Brothers with scheduling and preventive maintenance.

Additionally, Thoutt Brothers’ outsourced equipment maintenance provider, Colorado Machinery, uses the GlobalTRACS online interface to access equipment maintenance information to ensure that they are accurately meeting prescribed maintenance intervals and to locate equipment easily without having to contact Thoutt Brothers directly.

The GlobalTRACS system also recently helped Thoutt Brothers recover a stolen skid steer loader.

The GlobalTRACS system’s GPS-based positioning tools pinpointed the missing equipment’s location to private property on which state police suspected illegal activity. The machine’s location information gave the officers grounds to obtain a warrant to enter the property and, in turn, recover equipment from several contractors, including Thoutt Brothers.

“In the past, it was very easy to lose track of a piece of equipment, so we needed a solution that would allow us to know where our equipment was at all times,” said C.J. Thoutt, equipment manager at Thoutt Brothers Concrete Contractors. “Sometimes we were nervous for days because we could not find a piece of equipment. Now, with GlobalTRACS, we can track and locate each piece of equipment quickly for precise job scheduling and superior customer service.”

With the GlobalTRACS system, dispatchers can reduce the under-use of equipment and eliminate time spent manually searching for equipment.

“We’re proud that the GlobalTRACS system is so highly regarded by Thoutt Brothers Concrete Contractors,” said Larry Cleary, vice president and general manager of construction equipment for Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions. “The GlobalTRACS system helps to ensure that equipment is used to its full potential, enabling easy redeployment of equipment to the work site where it is needed most. It also allows customers to identify, locate and use idle equipment for increased revenue.”

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